Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Internet Marketing Strategy – Web Marketing

Internet marketing also known as Digital marketing, E-marketing, Online marketing. It means, market your web site or business through internet around globe. A many other business peoples or owners wants to market own product through internet. If you want to market product and much follow the instructions Develop your Product, Develop your Website, Develop your Marketing plans. A lots of business peoples following a strategy in Internet marketing,

Internet Marketing Strategy:

* Display Ads
* Banner Ads
* Search Engine Optimization
* Search Engine Marketing
* Affiliate marketing
* Social Media Optimization like Face Book, Twitter, etc.,
* Social Media Bookmarking like Digg, Delicious.,
* E-Mail Marketing
* Web Analytics

Moreover, many other business peoples are used these techniques but, unlike way of marketing strategies.


  1. Nice one to know about internet marketing.. Nice share..

  2. I saw your comments in my blog. Thanks for your encouragement. Hope i will give full efforts on posting some useful posts.

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